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What's All the Hype About?
Hear from one of our clients how we were able to make a difference.

We pride ourselves on making impactful changes

Ask our clients what made them choose us and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though; we deliver outstanding results in record time.

“It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge Vision Strategy Management for the outstanding services I received recently. I was in dyer need of a resume make over due to fact I was still using a resume from 1988. Please don’t laugh at me to hard.

After the finish product for my resume and cover letter, I was pleasantly surprised on how professionally it read and formatted. The resume matched my skills and experiences, which such impact I was recently promoted to the position of Police Lieutenant.

I’m certain my updated resume and cover letter put me into position for me to stand out against my fellow co-workers. Therefore, I was very impressed with the work that was done by Vision Strategy Management. I would most certainly use this company again.”

Taras H
A Very Satisfied Customer

I would like to take a few minutes to express my gratitude to Vision Strategy Management for an outstanding job of recreating my resume’. After having an extensive session of analyzing my antiquated resume’, I realized that this service transitioned from being a want to a need. Although I had some up to date information, the format was totally outdated, jumbled, and non-eye catching.

The process was very welcoming, timely, and organized. Even though I was being proactive in updating my resume’, shortly before the completion of the process, a new position became available to me. Once I had the finished product of my NEW resume’, I submitted it with full confidence and learned a week later that I had been chosen for the position which is two levels above my classification. Without the highly professional services of Vision Strategy Management, I wouldn’t have been confident as to being candidate for my current /new position. The only thing that’s a negative in utilizing this service is the fact that I waited so late to make that initial call for service. I give this company an A-1 rating and will continue to refer them to professionals in my path.

Thank you VERY much,

Andre' R.

Vision Strategy Management is a catalyst for growth and prosperity in the business community and an engager of like minded people that love to learn from one another. I’m grateful for Charelle and her vision and believe in the mission and the quality of their work. Outstanding!

Roger Silvera

Very professional organization with the skills set to maximize your business. Charelle has found hidden gems for my business that I would have never known to exist. I'm truly grateful for their services and forward thinking viewpoints. I will highly recommend their management strategies to all business owners!

Dedicated2 Fitness

VSM has made a huge impact in my business / personal life. I hired Vision Strategy Managment (VSM) to revamp my resume'. The one I submitted to VSM was compared to that of a 1969 rusty Volkwagon and when VSM graced it with the final touch, it was like a 2022 Bently. They were extremely professional with the delivery of saying my resume' was outdated, but I was glad to get the hard truth because I benefited greatly by being awarded a 15K promotion. Having that updated resume' boosted my confidence as well as helped me with my strategic approach for high level tasks. Another reason I give VSM the seal of approval is the referral business reported back to me with the same quality of work as well as promotions. Several of my friends speak of how professional they are, but they all have said you're goiong to have to put in some work on your part.

The bottom like of my review is, VSM will improve your life and give you a direction for success.

Thanks VSM,

Andre Rogers
  1. Resume review Pros:
  • Stressed the importance of learning the components of a resume first.
  • Review taught me how to document achievements at each job
    • not what you have done but what you have accomplished
  • Formula for writing accomplishment states
    • focus on being creative but brief and concise
  • Use business language
  • Interview preparation Pros:
    • Exercises to improve tone, pronunciation and annunciation
    • Explain the differences between a telephone interview versus a face-to-face interview and how to prepare for each.
    • Explained the concept of telling stories, how to apply the concept to the accomplishment statements in the resume, and how to execute the concept in the interview.

    The steps stated above will challenge your current thought process and test your willingness to accept change. Practicing the steps stated above played key component in my performance during the interview process, which resulted securing my first leadership position as a Manager.

    Darrien B.

    Charelle and I met to work on Phenomenal Women's Health's strategic plan. I couldn’t wait until the board to see the finished project. Now we can pull up our pivotal reach, graphs, attendance of everyone who attended our programs, year-to-date summary, past 5-year accomplishments, and more. I am so impressed with this document!

    Cheryl Burnside

    I had a wonderful experience with VSM. My initial consultation was amazing and insightful. Charelle gave the tools and information I needed to make the first step towards my goal of being a small business owner. She helped me set goals and build a business plan and strategy. I highly recommend Vision Strategy Management for all the help you need to get started and fulfill your dream of being a business owner!

    Justin Davis

    Charelle’s eye for detail, mind for task execution, and keen ear for listening to the heartbeat of the vision is unparalleled. During our meetings Charelle has created space for me to gain a greater aerial view of the mission of my company.

    As a visionary it’s easy to get caught up in the clouds, be overwhelmed, and be stuck in the dream stage. As a business owner it’s easy to work in the company, instead of on it.

    By working with VSM, you are guaranteed to walk away with a customized outline that will position your vision for successful years of clarity, team unity, clear goals, and confidence to move forward.

    When you know you’re an eagle meant to soar, you should invest in spending time with a mountain dweller like Charelle. Your vision deserves to be poised for growth and acceleration.

    Ultimately VSM will help you transition from a vision’s revelation…to realization!

    Kimberly "Browine" Vaughn
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